Subway maps

Dear visitors, here you can find very useful collection of subway maps. Just choose your destination city at the left menu, and you will find Helsinki subway map, London tube map, New York subway map, and also subway maps for such cities, as Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijin, Kiev and St.Petersburg. We hope this will be usefull!

Collection of best jokes about the crisis

PixoPark is the place where we decided to collect all the best jokes about the crisis. Let’s forget for a while about the problems and troubles, about lost money and some ruined plans and just have some fun! If you heard some new jokes about the economical crisis which are not listed at our site, please, send it to us and thanks a lot in advance! And one advice – keeps quiet, don’t worry and be happy, remember, that everything will be passed…To read the jokes go HERE

Free Joomla templates

free joomla templatesWe are collectiong the best free joomla templates over the whole web and preparing the packs for the free download. All the presented JOOMLA templates are FREE of charge, and you can use them for the development of your own sites. Please, be sure to check. all the details of rights to use if any is added to the concrete template by its developer. Feel free to download all our collections of free joomla templates from this page.

Collection of best cool creative business cards

PixoPark is the place where we also collect all the best creative business cards design from net. You can download this free collection in one PDF document. If you have some new photos of really nice and creative business cards please, send it to us and probably it could be included in our collection, making good PR for all those companies, which do not like to make it in a standard way... You can download the complete collection of creative business cards design in PDF from depositfiles HERE .


PixoPark is a unique international PR project, created in order to prove the competitiveness of simple ideas. Here you can search or promote your brand, site, company, services, offers or ideas, or just leave the messages in any of 20 categories. Anything what you will decide to park here, will be parked here till the 20 of February of 2020!!! Have a look HERE!


PixoPark also is a web studio and offers operative and creative online web services, which include Logo Creation, Website Design, Banner Ad Design, Business Cards Design, Web Forms Development, Programming, etc. See the details HERE!