Ancient Greek Think Of An Olympic Racecourse?

Many Olympic games start with the athletes meeting in the starting blocks, but what of the spectators? Some spectators are allowed to be there just to support the athletes and get a feel for what it’s like to run, jump and throw. Other spectators are there to have fun, and for the most part, it’s basically entertainment for them too. But what would the ancient Greeks think of an Olympics without any fans?

That’s right, they’d think it was something evil. If you want to get more specific, ancient Greeks wouldn’t even support the idea, as it would be considered idolatry. And so if an Olympic event had no fans, where would that put the ancient Greeks? Of course, you can always tell someone about your support by telling them that you’re a fan, but wouldn’t that be a little too easy? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather support the athlete without having to shout it at them first. It’s their job to support their competitors, not to yell at them before, either.

So, how would an Olympic event without fans work? Well, perhaps you would have a separate room for your supporter instead of cheering them on. Maybe the runner wouldn’t have to be announced as the athlete before the race starts. Maybe the music played before the race could play an instrumental piece instead of annoying the crowd with annoying screeching sounds.

Ancient Greece had a problem with the idea of individual deities, especially when it came to kicking human beings to death. So how would an Olympic event without a crowd solve this problem? Well, since ancient Greece did not believe in killing people, how could it do anything else? You see, the ancient Greeks did not practice indifference or leaving people alive. They would rather see a fallen competitor than leaving them to die and watch another athlete to win the gold.

There are still many things that the ancient Greeks would approve of, though. One of them would be to have fans who throw themselves onto the stage to support their favorite athlete. Perhaps they would even let some of them skip along to give speeches during the games. The ancient Greeks might not totally approve of everything today, but at least it seems reasonable to have some degree of support while you’re watching the games. That’s a lot more humane than some of the things the modern world does when it comes to violence.

The modern world kills people for something so senseless and trivial. We don’t deserve any of that violence, and it’s really appalling that people throw eggs and tomatoes and break windows and then run into businesses or attack people with sticks and poles. The ancient Greeks would never have done any of those things, and it’s a shame that they’ve lost all of the wisdom from their culture and their way of life. What would the ancient Greeks think of an Olympics without music? It’s not like they had on TV back then, but the point is that music can sometimes make us forget about our troubles and worries, which can sometimes help us get through the toughest times in our lives.

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