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How to purchase/The procedure
Terms and conditions
Sample of request

How to purchase/The procedure

Payments are available through the bank transfer only. Here is the description of what you have to do to become the participant of the PixoPark project.:
First, you must read carefully the terms and conditions section to be sure that you will be able to participate. Then you have to select the category. Having selected the category, you have to decide how much pixel you'd like to park and check the availability of needed place in selected category with writing out the coordinates of preferred blocks (please, wait untill they will be loaded, this can take some time). After that you have to prepare the image which you would like to place in .jpg or .gif format and send it to us with the request.

The request should contain the following information:

Your name, your company's one and postal address
Phone & fax number
E-mail for contact.
The link to your site starting with http://
The name of category.
The quantity of purchase
The coordinates of blocks
Title or slogan or any message which will appear when your image will be pointed by cursor (10 words maximum)
Short description of your site or offer for the placement in the table form (10 words maximum)
Phrase: "I (we) have got acquainted with all the terms and conditions of participation, understand and agree with them, please, send me (us) an invoice."

After receiving from you a letter we will check an availability of the preferred blocks and accordance of your site and images with our terms and conditions. Once everything is ok we start preparing and send you a copy of invoice by e-mail. As soon as it will be paid and you will confirm that fact by e-mail and the payment will be received, your image with link and title will be placed in the purchased blocks in 48 hours (usually it will be done not longer than in 24 hours) and will be parked there till the 20th of February of 2020.

The terms and conditions

The minimum purchase is $50 (100pixels) and the maximum is whatever is possible on the moment of purchase.
Once you have submitted the image, the link, the title and the description, they could not be changed any more.
You cannot get a refund after image and link were accepted and published on our site.
Services of PixoPark can be used in legitimate objectives. Participation in PixoPark project of sites with any material that violate laws is forbidden. This includes any materials, distributing for terrorist propagation, propagandizing of kindling interethnic, racial or religious break a set, representing violence or death, causing a harm to minors, materials, which offends the rights of some party on all patents, trademarks, commercial secrets, copyrights, or other property rights, illegal or obscene contents and information prompting illegal actions inducing gaming, illegal sales of the weapons, advertising, or the publication of materials that violate legislation regarding the distribution of pornography and racism, and any discrediting information concerning some person, without the consent of the intentionally rendering such to someone as mental cruelty.
No adult, obscene or offensive images or links are accepted. We have the right to refuse anybody in participation without claiming of any reason.
If your links are accepted but later you will change the content of your linked site to show adult, offensive or obscene materials, your image and links with description will be removed from our project without any compensation or refund from our side.
Images must be the exact size you have paid for (1 block=100pixels in a 10x10 pixel arrangement or 150x100 pixel for the VIP zone block)
Images are accepted only in .jpg or .gif format and must have a reasonable file size.
Images for all categories except ANIMATED must not be animated.
Animated images are accepted ONLY for the placement in ANIMATED category.
Links must be to web pages only and begin with http://
In case if two or more people or companies in the queue ask for the same position the person or company who or which ordered earlier will have the priority on the first come first served basis.
You must have the authority to provide the image and link for the website you submit

Sample of request

Hi, we would like to participate in your project!
My name is John Williams
Company: CONTRACT Ltd.
Address: 000, 00th Street New York, NY 00000 (USA)
Tel: +1 212 00000
Fax: +1 212 00000
E-mail: johnwilliams@contract&
Link http://www.contract&
Category: business
38,44 39,44 40,44 38,43 39,43 40,43
Title: creative domain names and much more
Description: creative ideas for your business, advertising and internet marketing services
I have read, understood and agree with all terms and conditions of participation, please send me an invoice.
Attachment: creative domain names and much more contract.jpg 1,2KB 30x20px